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""Working to repel the effects of UV and humidity, the serum speeds up dry time and leaves my hair sleeker, silkier, smoother and shinier – my hair has literally never felt better after an at-home blow dry.""
Fighting Frizz
The Editor's Style - February 04, 2019
"Overall assessment: what a lovely range of haircare products, and their delicious scent embodies the fragrance of a tropical summer breeze. I'm so pleased with these TLW products. "
Delectably aromatic haircare product must-haves
Lola's secret beauty blog
"Does your hair take FOREVER to blow dry? Using a serum can significantly cut back on drying time, as well as protecting your strands during heat styling. And if you’re a curly-haired girl? A frizz-fighting serum is worth its weight in gold. Our pick? TLW’s Let’s Get Naked Frizz Fighter. Formulated with keratin and silk protein it boosts manageability, increases shine, hydrates and strengthens hair, while preventing frizz in even the wildest, most humid weather."
6 Hair Myths & Hacks You Need to Know
"Their products are designed for consumers like you and me with busy lives, so their products are grab-and-go and work great on any hair type."
TLW Hair Products from Free People
For the Frill of It
"With names like “Lets Get Naked”, “Let’s Get Tacos”, “Laughter is Best” (shampoo) and “Winter is Coming”, to name a few, who can resist such a playful line of haircare. Needless to say my hair is loving TLW. All it took was just Three Little Words, “TLW” to achieve, bouncy and beautifully shiny hair."
If My Hair Could Talk It Would Say… Three Little Words
It's A Glam Thing
" products all baring cheeky names like Winter is Coming and I’m Really Busy, each product in the line is designed to prolong the life of your style, while reducing drying time, minimizing the need for washing too often, improving the condition of the hair, and giving a sensational salon-quality finish."
What do Taco’s and Hair Oil Have In Common?
Hey Do You
"Budget-friendly haircare with genius marketing? That is tlw. TLW (three little words) is a haircare line making a name for itself (and their products) in the US, produce high-quality products at super affordable prices. Made exclusively in Melbourne by an industry veteran, TLW is an innovation in haircare systems developed for consumers with busy lives who demand multifunctional products."
Tlw. Three Little Words Haircare
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