Better hair days 


Who doesn't love the feeling of salon-fresh hair? Follow these helpful tips and tricks to make your Blow Dry last for days and to keep that salon feeling for as long as possible...


1. Set the correct foundations - The key to a long lasting Blow Dry is the correct shampoo and conditioner. Switch to sulphate free for healthier, longer lasting hair.

2. Sleep on Silk - Over time traditional pillowcases can cause damage to your hair as cotton can scratch or tug. Silk pillowcases are infinitely gentler on your hair and allows your hairstyle to last overnight. 

3. Shower Right - To make the most out of your Blow Dry avoid moisture, humidity and steam! Protect your hair with a shower cap when you bathe.

4. Extend your Blow Dry - You can extend the life of your Blow Dry by using dry shampoo to absorb oils and add volume to your hair without the need to wash it.

5. Repair and Protect - Using a weekly deep conditioning hair treatment will nourish, repair and have a long lasting conditioning effect on your hair.

6. The Final Touch - Apply Neon & Co’s Treatment Oil daily to the ends of your hair to revitalise, repair and add a little extra shine.

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