How To Care For Bleached Hair

Blondes have more fun, right? Sure, it’s all fun and games until your hair falls apart faster than your Tinder date who failed to mention that they live in their mum’s basement. You may be looking hot with some blonde locks but too much bleaching can quickly lead to a hot mess. Don’t freak- there’s hope! Here’s a few life hacks to extend the life of your hair if you just aren’t ready to break it off with the blonde, literally and figuratively speaking.

Skip The Ends

If you’re just going in for touch ups on your blonde, ask your stylist to leave out your ends. Afterall, it’s really just the roots that need to be touched up.

Keep It Cool

Bleach is a major stressor to your hair so it’s important to prevent any further damage. Heat styling is another major contender when it comes to hair damage. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to crank up the heat every once in awhile because sometimes a girl just needs some curls. When duty calls, use tlw’s “Let’s Get Naked” Frizz Fighter and/ or Let's Get Tacos Treatment Oil for a hydrating layer of protection.

Wash Less

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 1,000 times: WASH YOUR HAIR LESS! Too much shampoo strips your locks of their natural oils and makes them dry and brittle. TLW Repair + Grow Cleanse Kit is made with clean ingredients, plus it thoroghly removes scalp build up, so that your hair stays cleaner for longer between washes. Plus, less washes means more time to spend doing all that fun blonde stuff everyone’s always talking about.


Ice, Ice Baby

Shine bright and keep strong with the Neon & Co. Purple Toning Shampoo and Purple Toning Conditioner. Not only do these formulas cancel out brassy tones to keep your colour looking looking bright, they also repair damaged ends from the inside out using a range active ingredients, strengthening amino acids and hydrating, lightweight oils.

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