How to relax natural curls using Three Little Words (tlw.) Hair Care products

How to style natural curls using Three Little Words (tlw.) Hair Care products


Founder of Three Little Words (tlw.), expert in all things hair, and 36-year industry veteran, Deb Pereira shares with us her tips on styling and wearing natural curls:



Start by shampooing your locks with Three Little Words ‘Laughter Is Best’ Shampoo, and conditioning with ‘Winter is Coming’ Conditioner—be sure to use a wide tooth comb remove any knots before you rinse your conditioner out.



Towel-dry your hair using an old t-shirt instead of a towel. It’s important not to use a towel on curly hair as this can cause breakage and put extra stress on your hair.



Once hair is towel-dried, mix equal parts of the Let’s Get Naked Frizz Fighter and Let’s Get Tacos Treatment Oil in the palms of your hands and apply to mid-lengths and ends. Use the wide tooth comb and evenly comb the product throughout the hair. If you feel like your hair wants extra, apply mixture throughout again.




Take pieces of your hair and twist around forming locks of hair around the head, and leave hair to air dry.



Once hair is dried off, apply ‘Let’s Get Tacos’ Treatment Oil gently through the hair with fingers, loosely separating locks. The result will be managed and controlled waves or curls.



Reapply ‘Let’s Get Tacos’ Treatment Oil as often as your hair needs during the day to stop curls from drying out. This super lightweight hair oil is going to control and repair your hair, and your hair will absorb as much of it as it needs, leaving you with silky, soft, loose curls.

This entire routine works great on coarse or frizzy hair too!" -- Deb Pereira


Tell us, curly girls, what's your curly hair routine? Do you use Hair Oil or Cream? What do you look for in products when wearing your hair curly? Comment below!


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