No time to blow-dry? Try mermaid waves. Mermaid hair is a delightfully simple way to get majestic waves without having to damage your hair or kiss a toad. In fact, by using tlw products and sleeping in your braids overnight, you can create a look to live out your Disney princess fantasies. Follow these steps in to wake up with flowing mermaid waves and be ready to float through your day:



Shampoo with ‘Laughter is best’. ‘Laughter is best’ Shampoo is a coconut-derived cleanser that will removes the last few days of grit without removing moisture. Even if your hair is color-treated, damaged, or dry, ‘Laughter is best’ is gentle, but restorative and will strengthen ends and make them shine.


Once you rinse out ‘Laughter is best’ shampoo, massage ‘Winter is coming’ into your hair and leave it in for about two minutes before rinsing it out. ‘Winter is coming’ Conditioner is formulated with almond and macadamia oils that repair and strengthen your hair while protecting it from UV damage, breakage, and putting some natural shine back into your do. 


Both ‘Laughter is best’ Shampoo and ‘Winter is coming’ Conditioner contain Keratin and Silk proteins, which work together to keep your hair strong and restructure it, while preventing your hair from becoming too oily. They provide the perfect foundation for mermaid waves.



Wet hair is fragile, so dry it to 70% with an old t-shirt or with your hairdryer on low heat in order to minimize damage. So why a cotton shirt, you ask? A t-shirt will absorb excess water while preventing frizz, because a smooth t-shirt slides over the hair instead of roughing it up like a towel.


For thick, frizzy, or coiled hair add “Let’s Get Naked” Frizz Fighter to smooth, condition, and seal strands, which will leave hair silky, shiny and frizz-free in any weather. Since your hair is naturally drier, you'll want add moisture to it and prevent any damage by using a protective, restorative cream-serum. Use “Let's Get Naked,” alongside “I'm Really Busy” for extra hold and conditioning.


For finer hair: just use ‘I’m really busy’ Volumizing Texturizing Spritz. Similar to a sea salt spray, ‘I’m really busy’ will add waves and give your hair that ocean-water texture, but won't dehydrate it because it is free from salt and alcohol and will give it extra hold and volume. 



To have the right results when you wake up in the morning, you'll want to follow these directions for braiding your hair:

  • Separate your Three Little Words treated hair into sections. You'll need to decide how many sections and how much hair will be in each section based on your unique hair thickness.
  • Braid each section loosely in order to create the most majestic, flowing waves. Most people will use three strands to braid, but it's fine to try other styles of braids.
  • Last step: fall asleep with your braids in.



You'll want to undo your braids and run ‘Let's get tacos’ Treatment Oil through your ends gently, taking the time to really get each flowing wave separated from the others and shining brightly. You could also add more ‘I’m Really Busy’ Volumising Texturizing Spritz to create more piece-y-ness and add more texture to your waves. 

Shake your head and get a good look at your waves - You'll be searching for a tail and a prince in no time.


(Image source: Designer - Jessica Leigh's Instagram Profile)


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