How To Use Our Treatment Oil

Let's Get Tacos And Tackle That Frizz

If you're looking for a super lightweight oil to up your hair game, look no further- Let's Get Tacos!

No, seriously. It's called Let's Get Tacos and it will rock your world harder than a couple shots of tequila and a sombrero on Taco Tuesday. Let's Get Tacos Treatment Oil is made with grape seed and kakadu plum oils that put frizz and flyaways in their place. It helps to add shine, repair, strengthen and protect your strands against harmful UV rays and heat. A margarita with the girls may help you get over a breakup or a bad day at work and this miracle hair oil will help you kick any bad hair day's ass. Watch out! You'll be unstoppable!

You're not the only thing that's thirsty! If your hair is feeling a little frazzled then go ahead and feed its craving too. A girl has to indulge every once in awhile, right?

Let's Get Tacos can be applied to wet or dry hair. It's best if you use it daily until you're able to smooth your stubborn hair into submission. Once your locks are looking frizz-free, fresh and fierce, then you can use it just as needed or for styling. The best part? It's great for all hair types!

Apply a small amount of the oil from the middle of your strands down to the ends. If you're hair is going through a massive dry spell then don't be afraid to give it a little extra love and apply from the roots to the ends.

Let's Get Tacos has the texture of water and is nearly weightless. It won't leave your hair feeling greasy or weighed down (but we can't say the same about those nachos you've been eyeballing). But hey, YOLO. Tame that frizz and then let loose, chica.


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