Keep it stylish : Scrunchies

Scrunchies are back and that means the age-old question of “are they cool?” is too.

 Scrunchies are a trendy hair staple from back in the 90s that are extremely versatile and offer a pop to every outfit and look. These accessories are perfect to wear anywhere and in any way. When they’re not holding your hair up in a cute little updo they tend to like to double as a fashion accessory on your wrist, an uber-stylish way to spice up any look.

There is no end to the creative ways that you can wear scrunchies, no matter the hair type, no matter how many days since you last cleaned your hair, the scrunchie will keep you lookin’ cute.

 he beauty of the modern scrunchie is the variety of patterns, textures, and a variety of upgraded materials. From sequined scrunchies to leather scrunchies, you can make the notorious scrunchie fit any look and make it that little bit more fun. 

The main thing we love here at TLW about scrunchies is the fact that they are also better for the hair than a regular elastic hairband. They don’t pull, snag, or get caught in the hair causing breakage, the way that elastic bands do.


How to wear your scrunchies

The possible ways to wear scrunchies are limitless, but there are a handful of ways that we are loving.


The high pony

The classic no-frills hairstyle that is perfect for the busy bee. Whether you like it sleek or you like it messy, you can rely on your trusty scrunchie to add a little extra to the look.

How to:

  • Place your scrunchie around the outsides of your hand
  • Pull all your luscious locks into a ponytail at the top of your head and brush into hand to the level of messiness you want.
  • Throw a scrunchie around it and leave the house looking like a snack.

The classic bun

The look that most girls can do at the flick of their wrists, this look can go from elegant to chill real quick and that may depend on the kind of scrunchie you want to style it with.

How to:

  • Place hair tie around your hand
  • Put the hair into a ponytail
  • Grab ponytail and wrap around the hair tie
  • Secure with some bobby pins and your chosen scrunchie!

The half-up,half-down look

When it comes to no frills hairstyles you can’t go wrong with the classic half-up, half-down look. This hairstyle seems like it is the one that was made for the scrunchie. A seemingly innocent hairstyle that can be taken in so many ways depending on your mood!

How to:

  • Grab ya scrunchy
  • Pull half your hair up onto the top of your hair
  • Slick back as much as you want, if you want a messier look you can achieve this by pulling apart some hair up top and loosening some wisps of hair.
  • Once you have your hair to the optimum tightness, tie your scrunchie around your ponytail/ or bun. 

Space buns

This look is for potentially one of the quirkiest hairstyles you can subtly do. The trick to scrunchies is making sure that you’re giving the right amount of shine because you don’t want the scrunchie to overpower your look, but you also want it to be visible. Space Buns with scrunchies is the perfect way to make the scrunchie the star of your look without overpowering the rest of your amazing look.

How to:

  • Put your hair into two pigtails and tie with hair ties.
  • Once in pigtails, grab one and wrap hair around the elastic band like you would for a normal bun!
  • Grab your chosen scrunchie and place around the bun
  • Secure with bobby pins if needed.



Giving yourself any sort of braid and using a scrunchie at the bottom automatically makes you look like you’ve got your life together.

How to:

  • Decide how many braids you want
  • Braid your hair how you normally would
  • Tie scrunchie around the bottom of your braid!
  • And that’s it!

Whether this trend lasts forever or ends tomorrow you don’t want to miss out on it. This trend is a fun and easy one to join in on, so why not give it go!? Who to say the trend won’t be recycled in another 10 years!?

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