Scrub-a-dub! : How often should you wash your hair?

Washing your hair can seem like as much of a chore as doing the dishes, but let's look at the facts and think about 'huge chore' that doesn't need to be such a big deal.“I can't be bothered to wash my hair” is something that we hear a lot and want to put a stop to, so let's look at the bigger details of how often you should really wash your hair. 

Honestly though, figuring out the perfect time formula for your unique hair can be difficult. Women find that washing it too often dries it out and makes it look unhealthy, while not washing it enough leaves it just plain dirty-looking. What, then, is a woman to do? How often should you actually wash your hair?

What kind of hair do you have? 

It may seem funny, but every hair type is as unique and quirky as its owner (in the best way, of course). Think of your hair type like your dating preferences, every type has its own needs. Turns out the thicker the hair, the less it needs to be washed, on the other hand, thin hair gets oily fast and will need to be washed more


Whenever you’re trying to figure out if you’re washing your hair too much or too little consider whether your hair is curly or straight. Straight hair needs more frequent washing, whilst our curly sisters are apparently less high maintenance in this sense and don’t need their hair to be washed so regularly.

How much do you love the gym?

Whether you’re a fitness freak or a lady who loves to lounge, it will affect how often you need to wash those luscious locks. If you live a fairly active lifestyle, you need to wash your hair more often. This happens because all that activity causes you to sweat and your sweat makes your hair oily. If hot girl summer runs all year round for you, it’s likely you’re going to need to wash your hair a lot more than the ladies who leisure. 

The bottom line

At the end of the day, the amount you wash you need to wash your hair all depends on what you feel is perfect for you, but the end goal is to wash less right? As a blanket rule, using good quality products mixed with listening to your scalp is the key to a great hair day. Some people can even get away without regular hair-washing, and just living life on the edge and washing it whenever they want, just because they 'feel like it'. No matter what your hair type, our Hair and Scalp Cleanse Kit is the perfect duo to optimise scalp health and feel as soft as gossima silk, trust us.


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