Why LESS IS MORE when it comes to a healthy scalp

Shampoo companies have been putting toxic ingredients into shampoo for years. Everything from sulphates to parabens, synthetic conditioners, silicones, and pearlizing agents go into a conventional shampoo. Companies claim that these extra ingredients will make your hair ‘shiner’ or ‘stronger’, but none of that has anything to do with cleansing your scalp, which is what shampoo is supposed to do.


Detergents in most shampoos are harsh, dry out hair and can cause significant damage to colored hair, resulting in fading and breakage. To offset the damage caused by harsh detergents, often shampoo-makers include synthetic ingredients into shampoo that coat the hair and scalp to prevent it from drying out. But the problem is these added synthetic ingredients do not wash out with plain water and are designed to stick to hair and inevitably the scalp. No matter how beneficial these extra ingredients sound for your hair, they are terrible for your scalp.


Why is it important to cleanse your scalp? So that hair growth is not impeded. Three Little Words is under the direction of Deb Pereira, an industry veteran, and an authority on skin and hair health. She states, 'Synthetic ingredients like silicones that don’t wash out with water and stick to your scalp can lead to big problems down the track—those ingredients build up on the scalp, along with dirt and scales, and block hair follicles, which could lead to hair loss. Moreover, when toxic ingredients, dirt and scales are never truly cleansed from your scalp, your hair never feels clean for more than a day or two, and it can begin to flake or itch, and shorten the life of your blow dry.'


Laughter is Best Shampoo by TLW is free from harsh detergents, and it’s natural by nature. It will thoroughly remove the last few days of grit from your scalp and hair without stripping it of its natural moisture. It completely washes out with plain water, leaving the scalp clean, creating the best environment for healthy hair growth. The Laughter Is Best Shampoo will not lather up excessively like your supermarket shampoo because its free from harsh detergents and nasty chemicals, and it is gentle on colour. When Deb Pereira, along with her team of cosmetic chemists, created the Laughter is Best Shampoo her first consideration was the health of the hair and importantly, the scalp.


BONUS: The benefits don’t stop at a healthy scalp

The formula repairs hair from the inside out

Second, Laughter Is Best Shampoo is designed to repair hair from the inside out, literally. It contains glycolic acid which penetrates the hair shaft delivering naturally-based repairing ingredients to its inner layers. Additionally, keratin and silk proteins work to further strengthen hair without clogging the scalp.


It’s made for busy people

Third, the products are designed for people with busy lives who demand a salon quality finish at home. The Laughter Is Best Shampoo prolongs the life of a blow dry, reduces drying time and minimises the need for washing too often.


Use code CLEANSENOW at checkout to pick up the The Cleanse Kit containing the Laughter Is Best Shampoo and Winter Is Coming Conditioner for just $30!! (That's a $10 discount—woooo!)

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