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The simplified TLW hair routine - For all hair types 

1. Cleanse with the 'Laughter is best' Shampoo and 'Winter is coming' Conditioner.
2. Lock hydration into damp hair with the Hair Shot Ampoule, a restorative, hydrating hair treatment.
3. For an effortless beachy, tousled look apply the 'I'm really busy' Volumizing Texturizing Spritz to roots and mid lengths and allow hair to air-dry. Otherwise, for heat protection, hydration and repair, mix equal parts of the 'Let's get naked' Frizz Fighter and the 'Let's get tacos' Treatment Oil and apply it to mid-lengths and ends.
4. After blowdrying or air-drying, apply some of the 'Let's get tacos' Treatment to mid-lengths and ends for weightless natural shine. 

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