About Three Little Words



We’ve created products that extend the life of a style and keep hair cleaner for longer, so that you can do less to your hair, less often. Leaving more time to do the important things; like scrolling through Instagram in bed, or actually, have breakfast before work. Also, our products are designed to repair, so that hair just keeps getting better over time, too. 

We replaced nasty ingredients, like parabens and sulphates, with good-for-you alternatives that improve the quality of hair over time by working from the insides of each strand to the outside.

Made in Australia and never tested on anything fluffy like bunnies.




Three Little Words formulations are the brainchild of expert in all things hair and cosmetics, Deb Pereira. Having spent a staggering 37 years in the hair and beauty industry, and countless hours with her team of chemists, Deb created a range of formulas that work to transform hair from the inside out. 

For media inquiries contact Angelika at angelika@tlwproducts.com