Are your products all natural? 
Most of the ingredients in our products are derived from plants, and the others are naturally derived.

How often should I wash my hair? 
We recommend washing your hair 2-3 a week to give your natural oils a chance to replenish.

How much Laughter is Best Shampoo should I use each wash? 
Depending on how much hair you have, we recommend using a dollop around 3-4cm in diameter.


Are there harsh chemicals, sulphates and/or parabens in your products? 
Not at all. We have wholeheartedly embraced the Green Beauty Movement! 

How often should I use the Let's Get Taco Treatment Oil? 
Our Treatment Oil is a super lightweight formula, you can use it daily through mid-lengths and ends to reduce flyaways and increase hydration and shine.

Are your products tested on animals? 
Not at all. We don’t test any of our ingredients or products on animals. 


Ingredients and what they do for your hair

Our hair care products are made from naturally-derived ingredients, including actives, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They're designed to strengthen and revitalise hair from the inside out of each hair strand to the outside. Each of our products contain gycolic acid that can penetrate and restructure each hair strand from the inside out resulting in healthier, fuller, bouncier hair that lasts longer between washes. (See, for example, Glycolic Acid No Longer Just for Skin: Changing the Internal Properties of Hair, 2013, Trefor A. Evans, TA Evans LLC; and Jennifer M. Altland, Robert Burch and Jeff Horsager, E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company)

The ultimate focus of the TLW range is to create the salon blow dry at home and make it last longer between washes, while still promoting a healthy scalp and hair growth and better quality hair for our customers. 

Other key ingredients in the range include Almond, Macadamia, Grapeseed, Coconut-derived cleansers, Keratin and Silk proteins and peptides, Kakadu Plum, Quandong extract, along with many others. 


The simplified TLW hair routine - For all hair types 

1. Cleanse with the 'Laughter is best' Shampoo and 'Winter is coming' Conditioner.
2. Lock hydration into damp hair with the Hair Shot Ampoule, a restorative, hydrating hair treatment.
3. For an effortless beachy, tousled look apply the 'I'm really busy' Volumizing Texturizing Spritz to roots and mid lengths and allow hair to air-dry. Otherwise, for heat protection, hydration and repair before blowdrying or styling, mix equal parts of the 'Let's get naked' Frizz Fighter and the 'Let's get tacos' Treatment Oil and apply it to mid-lengths and ends (or just your favourite one of the products works great to!)
4. To finish, after blowdrying or air-drying, allow some of the 'Let's get tacos' Treatment Oil to vanish into mid-lengths and ends for weightless natural shine.
5. To reboot tired hair or bedhead, rehydrate ends with plain water or the Hair Shot, and then lock in hydration using the 'Let's get tacos' Treatment Oil, or use the 'I'm really busy' Volumizing Texturizing Spritz for further hydration and texture.


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