Good Hair Shampoo
Good Hair Shampoo
Good Hair Shampoo

Good Hair Shampoo

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Greasy Hair and scalp even after hair wash? It’s a heavy shampoo on your head!

Neon & co. Good Hair Shampoo isn’t what you’re used to. A lightweight formula which is created for a mission! Yeah! It’s on a mission to cleanse your hair and scalp by removing the last days of grit, without removing the moisture and it removes debris from the pollution which builds upon the scalp.

Love your color? Be you ! when it’s Neon & Co. Good Hair Shampoo. It’s gentle on color, cuts down your blow drying time & adds shiny, bouncy texture to your hair.

Give yourself more good hair days with every wash! For better results, we recommend washing twice a week.

Why you’ll love it?

It’s the gentle formation that will maintain and enhance your hair wellbeing.

  1. It’s lightweight nongreasy sulfate & paraben free formula makes it refreshing for all hair types!
  2. Keratin & Silk Proteins restructures the hair.
  3. It’s hydrating, reduces oiliness & greasiness on the scalp.
  4. It adds shine and makes hair bouncy.
  5. It also reduces itchiness on the scalp.

Benefits :

  1. Repairs dry & damaged hair.
  2. Refreshes Blonde hair without affecting the color.
  3. Restores the goodness & prolongs the life of blow dry hair.
  4. Prevents hair breakage & stimulates hair growth.

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Good Hair Shampoo