Toning Shampoo for Blondes 250ml

Toning Shampoo for Blondes 250ml

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This isnÕt for Barbie, all bubbly and pink.

In fact, itÕs purple and just a bit foamy. A purple shampoo made for blondes, natural or coloured; it removes brassy, yellow tones as it refreshes and brightens hair. This toning shampoo for blonde hair cleanses, removing the last few days of grit, without removing the moisture. Keratin and silk proteins repair and strengthen each strand. Now, whereÕs Ken?

This lightweight blonde toning treatment repairs, conditions and tones any unwanted brassiness and yellow tones. The violet/purple pigments help to neutralize yellow, orange, and brass tones from blonde hair, while maintaining shine and healthy hair.

Gentle enough for even the most bleached blonde look. This toning product moisturises and penetrates deep into the hair fibre for long lasting hair nourishment. You will instantly see and feel the difference - leaving your hair as soft as silk. No more yellow and brassy tones!

Directions for use:
Apply a generous amount of your normal cleansing shampoo to wet hair starting from roots through to ends. Apply more water if needed and start in a circular motion with your fingertips around temples, moving to the crown then nape and to the middle of the scalp.

Apply Neon & Co. Purple Toning Shampoo to the ends and mid-lengths and massage into roots. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove any knots. Leave in for 3-5 minutes or longer for more toning benefits. Rinse well and follow up with the Purple Toning Conditioner, applying mid-lengths and ends. Leave in for 3-5 minutes or longer for more toning benefits. Rinse well and towel dry.

*Enhances blonde and platinum tones

*Sulphate and Paraben free
*Lightweight, gentle, adds bounce
*Tones and removes brassiness
*Preserves Colour
*Extends life of blow dry
*Improves and retains the hairs natural oils
*Hydrates and detangles
*Repairs and conditions
*Increases damage resistance and manageability
*Reduces chance of developing irritation or inflammation of the scalp